"Ukulele" ( [ookoolaylay] ) means « jumping flea » in Hawaiian - as to illustrate the rapidly jumping fingers that move rapidly from string to string along the neck of a ukulele. This is how the Hawaiians saw the littel instrument brought from Madeira in 1789. Flabergasted by the peculiar sound of the musical instrument and the virtuosity of its players, they adopted it and made of it an integral part of their reflourishing musical culture.

  Nico’o met Polynesia in the year 2000 and instantly felt in love. Driven by his guitarist curiosity, he heard as soon as he landed "The Tahiti Sound"  : the Ukulele ! Along the "bringues", he learns, enjoy, listen... play.

   In 2010, he adapts « Stairway to heaven », and record it quickly not to loose his ideas, and upload it to Myspace. The "New York Uke Fest" sents him an invitation and a few weeks later it's up to Roy Sakuma to host him as the first french ukulele player in the "40th Annual Ukulele Festival of Hawaii". Those festivals lead him to make new wonderful friendships and discover even more techniques.

  In 2011 , he goes touring Japan with Kyas Ryo and Naoki, two of the most remarkable local players. He also goes to Finland and plays at the "Uke fest of Great Britain" - where he makes such a great impression that he is invited the following year to headline the 2012 festival.

  His first album is currently in production, with the guest appearance of some of the best ukulele players from around the world (Canada, Hawaii, Japan, France….), mixing all his influences (rock, reggae, flamenco, blues, funk…..) for a record honouring the awesomeness of that little wooden instrument.

Published on  February 28th, 2012

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